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Why We Love Cushions for Outdoor Furniture

The finishing touches of your outdoor living area end with comfy cushions and accessories. Once you have found the perfect outdoor furniture to spread throughout your deck or patio, you'll want to accent your seating choices with plush cushions you and your guests will appreciate. There's nothing quite like sitting in an uncomfortable chair, but with these cushions for outdoor furniture, you'll quickly remedy that situation and find unparallelled comfort.

Where Patio Furniture Cushions & Accessories Work Best

As accent pieces to your existing outdoor furniture, these items find their home anywhere you have already placed patio chairs and seating. Built in seating on the deck or patio practically begs for plush pillows and outdoor-friendly blankets. Not only do these cushions introduce an element of comfort, they can also add a bit of noticeable flair to the space too. Make the most of your outdoor lounge chairs with cushions and bundle up with a throw when it gets chilly out. On the front porch, cushions create a warm welcome your guests will appreciate before they even step foot in the house. And use any of these patio furniture cushions to keep your seating covered and protected when not in use.

Outdoor Cushions for Every Style

From traditionally themed patios to decks and outdoor living areas filled with ultra-modern furniture, these cushions and accessories have no problem fitting in. Of course, most cushions and covers are designed to suit chairs from a specific designer. For instance, you'll want to use seat cushions from Bend Goods to keep your Bend Goods' chairs well-protected and comfy. Outdoor throws and blankets, like those available from Skargaarden, are a bit more flexible in terms of where they can be used. Find fun designs in the collection of patio pillows and cushions from Fermob. From popping colors to intricate patterns, you're sure to be impressed. Lastly, as a versatile cushion or lounge chair, check out the bean bag options from Fatboy.

How to Choose the Best Cushions for Outdoor Furniture

Start your selection of cushions by identifying the furniture pieces you need to outfit. Is it a couple of throw pillows for the outdoor sofa? Or comfy cushion for that old wooden lounge chair on the front porch? Take a mental picture of your patio furniture to really decide what's missing. Then, consider all of the color options in front of you. Do you prefer vibrant colors for your outdoor spaces or more toned down options? Finally, review the cleaning and maintenance instructions for any pillows, cushions and covers you're interested in. You'll find most are easy to clean and they can be used year-round, but it's best to double check. If you have any questions about the outdoor furniture cushions and accessories featured here, please call our furniture experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Before you can successfully accent furniture pieces with cushions and accessories, you may need to refresh your outdoor lounge furniture. Continuing with a theme of comfort, look to an outdoor ceiling fan to keep air fresh and cool for your deck, patio or covered gazebo. Made for the great outdoors, these fans are rated for damp and wet spaces, allowing them to be used outside safely. Check out an outdoor fireplace for chilly summer evenings where you need something to help keep you warm. The collection of outdoor fireplaces includes portable options, more permanent fixtures and all of the accessories you may need to get the fire started.

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