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Learn More About Blomus

The Blomus Story

A 5th generation family company, Blomus began in 1921 with their first official introduction to the contemporary home accessory market in 2001. They're based out of Germany and have a strong function-meets-form product line of stainless steel accessories for the kitchen, bathroom, tabletop, outdoors and more.

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Blomus' goal is to make life easier and more beautiful with the addition of modern, understated products for use in everyday life. There's no guessing with their products--they're solid, German designs built to last.

Why We Love Blomus

Blomus GmbH products are the epitome of Bauhaus principles. These durable stainless steel accessories for the bathroom, kitchen, outdoors and more truly help you live minimally without ignoring your desire for high fashion. Primarily working with stainless steel, Blomus creates long-lasting, understated products that contribute to everyday living, from washing your hands to pouring the wine. These modern products are truly worth every penny for the unprecedented amount of character they can add to your home.

Fun Facts About Blomus

The Blomus SAPO Stainless Steel Soap takes advantage of steel's unique scent-removing qualities and eliminates strong fish, garlic and onion smells without creating any soapy waste! So cool.

Noteworthy Products from Blomus

The Blomus Fireplace collection offers everything you need to start and maintain your fire in high fashion. Whether indoors or out, these fireplace tools and accessories are sure to help establish a modern space. And check out the MURO Magnet Boards for posting important receipts, mementos, pictures and much more!

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