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Why We Love Tropical Ceiling Fans

Anything described as tropical immediately suggests relaxation: smooth, sandy beaches and palm trees, blue skies and even bluer waters. Tropical ceiling fans evoke this laid back mentality with a variety of natural materials--palm leaves, rattan, bamboo--and calm neutral tones--browns and greens. Both indoor and outdoor tropical fans are available, so you can bring an element of island paradise into virtually any space.

Where Tropical Fans Work Best

Just imagine sitting on your covered patio, nursing a frosty pina colada under the refreshing breeze of outdoor tropical patio fans. Or use tropical ceiling fans to add another level of authenticity to your tropically-themed bedroom or living room. You'll be surprised how well these tropical style fans will complement existing lighting and furniture in the room, working to create a completely relaxing environment. Kitchens and dining rooms also benefit from this ceiling fan style, as it immediately creates an inviting presence in the space. And use one of these fans in your home office to make it a tropical paradise where you will love going to work every day. Any of your outdoor living areas is the most natural fit for a tropical fan as its features blend in well with your exterior's surroundings. Just ensure the fan is UL rated for safe use in outdoor locations where water could be present. Whether indoors or out, a tropical ceiling fan is a refreshing choice.

A Tropical Ceiling Fan for Every Style

While we tend to have a thing for ultra-modern and contemporary ceiling fan designs, we also appreciate the unique style a tropical ceiling fan can bring to room or outdoor living area. Tropical fan options by Minka Aire combine contemporary design elements with large palm leaf blades in a number of options meant for the patio or indoor locations. With large sweeping wingspans, you'll be sure to appreciate the airflow any of these fans can offer. Fanimation takes a really distinctive approach to palm leafed ceiling fan design with its eye-catching Punkah Fan. Punkah resembles that of a cable lighting system, but instead offers a cooling element with its tropical leaf blades. Large tropical ceiling fans (options with a blade span of 52" or bigger) by Hunter Fans can help move a lot of air in big patios or large open living rooms. Use any of these fans where you have plenty of available ceiling real estate. And if you need a bit of illumination for your deck or patio, be sure to consider a tropical ceiling fan with lights. Finally, if efficiency is at the top of your priorities, look to the energy-efficiend DC motor tropical fans available.

How to Choose the Best Tropical Ceiling Fan

With a tropical aesthetic in mind, your next step to finding the perfect fan is to choose the right size. Size means everything when it comes to choosing a ceiling fan, especially a fan with large leaf-shaped blades. Tropical fans are measured by their blade span (often represented as a diameter), but you will also want to take into account the length and width of the leafy blades too. Due to the large size of these fans, they typically come with a downrod to give the fixture plenty of distance from the ceiling canopy. However, if you are in need of a low profile tropical ceiling fan to suit areas like bedrooms or the laundry room, you'll find options that mount perfectly flush with the base of the ceiling. Be sure to consider the colors of the blades, as well as finishes of the motor housing and any other hardware. You'll want to choose a tropical fan that will seamlessly blend in with your existing decor. If you have any questions about the tropical ceiling fans featured here, please call our fan experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

If you love this selection of indoor and outdoor tropical ceiling fans, then you can also complete your tropical theme with the range of complementary lighting in the form of chandeliers, wall sconces and pendant lighting. This style of lighting focuses on tropical features like palm tree leaves and pineapple shapes that allow you to create a well-rounded look in your decor. Be sure to browse the complete assortment of outdoor ceiling fans for more deck and patio-friendly choices too. And if it's darker tones and wood blades you like in a fan, you may want to opt for a rustic ceiling fan.

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