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Why We Love Modern Rugs

Suddenly the living room pops to life with personality thanks to a contemporary area rug or decorative floor covering. Modern rugs and floor coverings are those rare design gems that offer instant color and texture gratification anywhere they are placed. They unite pieces of furniture, anchoring them together like Cheerios that mysteriously gravitate in a bowl of milk. From thick pile rugs to plynyl utility mats, large area rugs and more, these designer rugs go a long way in giving a room atmosphere and substance.

Where Contemporary Rugs Work Best

Living rooms get a lot of benefit from contemporary area rugs, especially since they hold up to high traffic areas. Look to the luxury rugs from Linie Design for a modern area rug that is sure to fit the space. In other areas of the home, the plynyl mats from Chilewich are especially easy to clean, making them particularly well-suited for places like kitchens and dining rooms, as well as outdoor spaces. There's also a range of youthful area rugs from Missoni Home and Amy Butler that make the playroom an even better hangout for kids (who says the adults should have all the color?).

A Rug Design For Every Style

Whether your home follows a traditional decorative aesthetic or is ultra-modern and awe-inspiring, any of these rugs can be the perfect fit. You'll find comfort in the soft, plush floor coverings that will have you enjoying laying on the floor or have your rug serve an optimal functional purpose with any of the indoor / outdoor utility mats. For any room of the house and for any type of interior design preference, this is your best stop for ensuring your floors are properly (and stylishly) covered.

Choosing the Best Rugs

The rugs in this assortment are offered in a diverse range of sizes and shapes to accommodate any decorative necessity. From large circular rugs meant for the living room to square and rectangular rugs fit for the dining room and long runner rugs that find their home in the hallway, here you will find the perfect size you need for your space. When shopping for a new rug, mat or any type of floor covering at Lumens, be sure to refine your results by size on the left-hand side of the page to find the best product for your room. You'll be able to choose by precise dimensions or the general shape of the floor covering. And aside from size, you'll want to consider important design elements like color, fabric / materials used and the manner in which the rug is cleaned. If you have any questions about the rugs featured here, please call our experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Many of the floor coverings in this selection can also be used as an accessory to make your outdoor living area that much more contemporary. And if the personality-defining characteristics of these decorative rugs whet your design appetite, check out bedding and textiles for similar accessorizing for the bedroom and bathroom.

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