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Why We Love LED Wall Lights

Ambient, effective, efficient. From atmospheric sconces to pinpoint, adjustable task lights, wall lights are well-loved elements of a room’s lightscaping. Light and shadow play along walls for decorative effects and many fixtures are dimmable to further enhance the room’s mood. Modern LED wall lights run the gamut from retrofits of traditional incandescent sconces to previously impossible designs that take full advantage of LED’s small size and unique shapes.

Where LED Wall Sconces Work Best

The supremely utilitarian wall light is well-suited to LED for more than just efficiency. In hallways and other tight quarters (and for ADA compliance), LED wall sconces fit close to the wall they’re mounted to. Kitchens and dining rooms benefit from the bright lighting provided by these wall-mounted fixtures. In bathrooms, where appropriate lighting is a necessity, an LED wall light brings ample illumination and stylish personality to the room. Home offices and business offices benefit from bright sconces and finally, take any of the damp or wet rated sconces outdoors to the porch or patio. In any space, you'll love the light and decorative impact these LED sconces will bring.

An LED Wall Sconce for Every Style

With an LED light source, designs can be flat and flattering, protruding only as much as the designer’s vision stipulates. They are highly versatile, suited for traditional spaces or rooms boasting with modern elements. Modern Forms keeps this versatility in mind, tailoring its entire line exclusively to LEDs. You'll find options for the bath, the hallway and outdoors. And the dweLED collection by WAC Lighting builds on the brand’s earlier adoption of LED technology. George Kovacs offers an energy efficient solution for transitional homes and if you need something with an Italian touch, check out the selection from Artemide. Finally, accomplish contemporary elegance with the selection of LED sconces from Kuzco Lighting.

Choosing the Best LED Wall Light

Choosing an LED sconce requires you to first determine the function of the light fixture. Will it be used for general, ambient illumination or brightly focused task lighting? Depending on its placement and purpose in your home, the wall light you choose will differ in its size and light output. Look to its sizing dimensions like height, width and depth to choose the most appropriate wall lamp for your home. Outdoor wall lights need to be UL listed as either damp or wet rated, making them safe for exterior use. If you have any questions about the LED wall light fixtures featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Wall-mounted LED lights aren’t only for efficient ambiance -- modern LED wall sconces can also include precisely pointed task lighting for reading and other activities. You may also want to check out additional wall-mounted reading lights for a bigger variety of options. And continue decorating your home with energy efficient lighting including LED ceiling lights or introduce an LED light bulb into your existing light fixtures.

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