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Why We Love LED Track & Monorail Lighting

Focused and bright, LED track and monorail lighting brings welcomed directional illumination to your home. Often considered to carry an industrial look, this style of ceiling lighting offers versatile, yet focused sources of light from a series of directional heads or pendant lights. A track or monorail system is the perfect choice for contemporary rooms and either fulfills a functional purpose of directing focused downlight or acts as a provider of general, ambient illumination. And with the use of LEDs, your home will be stylish and energy efficient.

Where LED Track & Monorail Lighting Works Best

Almost any room benefits from the presence of an LED track and monorail light system. Many track and monorail lighting designs are flexible, making them versatile and adjustable to your needs. In kitchens, consider a track light system mounted over your island or string together a set of mini pendants on a monorail system. Directional track heads highlight artwork and photos in the living room, and also work well among existing table lamps and floor lamps. In the hallway, an overhead track or monorail system provides guiding light and is the ideal choice for narrow spaces thanks to the slim profile of these fixtures. You'll be surprised to find any area of your home where LED track or monorail lighting isn't a good fit.

An LED Track & Monorail System for Every Style

Although LED is considered a modern form of lighting and is up to par with the latest trends in technology, this selection of track and monorail fixtures appeal to a wide variety of interior decorating styles. Traditionally styled homes benefit from the familiar colors and finishes of track and monorail lighting offered by Eglo. WAC Lighting takes a contemporary approach to this style of ceiling light and look to Kichler for a number of eye-catching designs. And look to Tech Lighting for adjustable track and monorail fixtures that exude modern style.

Choosing the Best LED Track & Monorail Lighting

As with any type of lighting, you'll want to choose fixtures that blend in with your existing aesthetics and fit the desired purpose you need. Will your track and monorail system be used for focused downlight or is it needed to provide ambient overhead light in the bedroom or living room? Once you know the intended purpose of the lighting system, you can then refine your options by size (length, width, height) and important design features like color, finish, ability to be dimmed, etc. Finally, be sure you understand the fundamental differences of line voltage vs. low voltage lighting to find the best choice for your existing electrical system. If you have any questions about the LED track and monorail light fixtures featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Complement your LED track and monorail system with additional energy efficient fixtures in the space. Look to flushmounts or chandeliers in the selection of LED ceiling lights, or turn to any of wall-mounted LED fixtures available. Introducing LED to your home will guarantee increased efficiency for you while also bringing noticeable style to your decor. Create the perfect mood in your rooms by placing your LED track or monorail system on a dimmer. Light dimming controls work with almost any system and require just a few extra steps during installation.

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