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Why We Love LED Ceiling Lights

Things are looking up. Overhead lights are among the most popular and versatile lighting, and nothing is gaining ground in the lighting world more quickly than LED technology. This versatile light source lends LED ceiling lights customization options that are seldom realized with incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs; many LEDs are dimmable (a desirable feature in many ceiling lights), and choices abound in color temperature and even color-changing options. Plus, LEDs can fit into designs that larger bulbs can’t, so the design possibilities are almost limitless.

Where LED Ceiling Light Fixtures Work Best

Offering energy efficiency and longevity, modern LED ceiling lights have applications from acting as a grand chandelier in the living room to gracing the island in the kitchen, recessed bath lighting over sinks and showers to bedroom flushmounts and much more. LED ceiling light fixtures provide ambient illumination or can function as spotlights, all while reducing energy consumption and costs in a bright, effective manner. And low profile LED lighting is ideal in spaces with limited ceiling height -- bedrooms, laundry rooms, closet areas and more. In almost any space, the energy savings and modern style of an LED ceiling lamp will be much-appreciated.

An LED Ceiling Light for Every Style

Designs can range from avant-garde LED pendant lights to more traditional flushmounts that benefit from an LED update. The versatility of LED fixtures allows them to be placed in different areas of the home celebrating a wide variety of interior decorating styles. From traditional homes with classic elements of decoration to those spaces with ultra-modern furniture, the addition of an LED ceiling light is guaranteed to fit in and round out the look of the space. Tech Lighting offers options to fit in contemporary or transitional spaces, in a range of ceiling light types. Superbly modern rooms will appreciate the fixtures from Moooi and look to Rich Brilliant Willing for something truly unique to install on your ceiling. There’s an LED ceiling light fixture for every room and every aesthetic.

How to Choose the Best LED Ceiling Lights

If you are already choosing an LED fixture, chances are you have taken energy efficiency into account. A common misconception of LEDs is they are strikingly bright and only available in cool color temperatures. While you will find plenty of options with cool LEDs, you'll also notice LED fixtures with warm, ambient illumination. You will need to choose a ceiling light that will meet your intended lighting purpose. Next, determine the size of ceiling fixtures you'll need. Look to common dimensions like height, width, diameter and suspension length to help you make the best choice. Finally, find ceiling lamps in colors and finishes that blend in well with your existing decor's palette. If you have any questions about the LED ceiling lights featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Look to LED recessed lighting as a great solution for hard-to-reach high ceilings where the use of long-lived LEDs require much less frequent replacement. Keep in mind you will need to choose the right housing to appropriately accommodate your LED trims too. And consider pairing your ceiling lighting with equally stylish wall lights to appropriately layer the amount of . LED wall sconces offer the same energy efficiency as these ceiling fixtures and will splash personality on your bare walls.

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