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Why We Love Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

Give smaller spaces a little lovin' with a flush mount ceiling fan. Fans mounted flush wiht the ceiling help keep the design flow going throughout a house, creating cooling breezes for smaller rooms and nooks without taking up much space. Often called hugger ceiling fans, these low profile options mount perfectly flush and hug the base of the ceiling. Looks range from classic to contemporary, traditional to transitional, providing the right complement to practically any established decorative theme. And many of these flush mount fans include integrated light kits, too, in case a space needs brighter illumination as well as better air circulation.

A Flush Mount Ceiling Fan for Every Room & Application

These quaint flush mounted ceiling fans are great solutions for circulating air throughout rooms with lower ceilings or closer walls. If a room has a low ceiling to floor height, typically 8-feet or less, a flush mounted fan is the preferred choice. Laundry rooms, hallways, breakfast nooks, small living rooms and compact bedrooms are great examples of where these hugger ceiling fans find their home. They are unobtrusive, yet still provide the airflow you need. Many walk-in closets and live-in attics also benefit from a flush mount ceiling fan as well, making these tight areas more comfortable and cool in the summer, and helping with circulating warmer air around in the winter. Outside of the home, on a covered deck, patio or gazebo, flush mount outdoor ceiling fans add remarkable style and help keep air moving, allowing you to enjoy relaxing outside. Just be sure the outdoor fan you choose is safely rated for use where the presence of water may be unavoidable. And finally, choose a flush mount ceiling fan with light for those areas of the home where you need a bit of bright illumination in addition to a cool breeze.

A Flush Mount Ceiling Fan for Every Style

This assortment of hugger ceiling fans appeal to a variety of interior design styles, ranging from traditionally styled homes to those boasting the most modern fixtures of decor. In spaces with traditional colors and finishes, you'll appreciate the selection of flush mount ceiling fans from or . These styles feature familiar wood blades, brass hardware and opal glass shades (for those that include integrated light fixtures). Known as staples of the ceiling fan industry, Hunter and the Casablanca Fan Company offer options you can trust for optimal performance, quality and good looks. In contemporary locations, be it a bedroom or kitchen area, look to the hugger fans from for sleek, noticeably modern designs. And offers a number of options with or without light kits in stainless steel and aluminum finishes you'll appreciate. Find cutting edge technology in the selection of fans from and lastly, choose an LED flush mount ceiling fan for improved energy efficiency.

How to Choose the Best Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Knowing that your new fan will mount flush with the base of the ceiling is a good first step to finding the best ceiling fan. You'll also need to be considerate of the fan's size, its aesthetic, colors and finishes, and any special features you would prefer in a fan.

Flush Mount Ceiling Fan Sizes

Begin your search by measuring the space where you plan to install a ceiling fan. Although these ceiling fans hug the ceiling, you will still want to plan for the most appropriate size for your application. Ceiling fan sizes are best measured by their blade span (represented as a diameter), the length of one blade to the opposite end of another. Small flush mount ceiling fans with a blade span like 44" or 36" are suited for guest bedrooms and breakfast nooks, while large hugger fans with a sweep of 60" or more are best for big living rooms, great rooms and open outdoor locations. You'll also want to think about the number blades the fan has with the general rule of thumb being the more blades, the quieter its operation.

Colors & Finishes of Hugger Fans

Aside from the aesthetic you're trying to fit, another important consideration is the fan's color. Its color, including the color of the blades and the finish of the motor, play a big role in bringing the palette of the room together. Use white or black flush mount ceiling fans in minimalist areas where a lot of color isn't the right fit. Stainless steel and aluminum finishes work well in contemporary spaces, as well as fans with brushed nickel features. And consider wood blades or brown tones in the motor's finish to fit a rustic theme.

Additional Features of a Hugger Fan

Finally, in your search for the perfect hugger ceiling fan, decide which additional features you need. First determine if you prefer a flush mount ceiling fan with light or one without a light kit. Depending on your exact application and the amount of available lighting in the room, you may find it's better to choose a . The fan's controls are important to the convenience it will offer you. Decide whether you prefer a traditional pull chain, a control mounted on the wall or a hand-held remote you can use to operate the fan from the palm of your hand. Last, but certainly not least, look to the ceiling fan's airflow metrics to determine just how efficient it will be. If you have any questions about the flush mount ceiling fans featured here, please call our fan experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Low profile ceiling fans are also great for rooms with low ceilings, but they do not mount exactly flush to the ceiling. Instead, a has a short downrod to give the fan a little bit of clearance from the base of the ceiling. And on the opposite end of these fans, look to for options that are ideal in rooms with high-vaulted ceilings where a long downrod is necessary. With the assistance of a downrod extension, these fans hang far from the base of the ceiling. And be sure to see the complete selection of for more options you can use in your exterior living areas.

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