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Why We Love Light Dimmers, Controls & Outlets

There's more to lighting--and to life--than simply on and off, black or white. Light dimmers and light switches offer flexibility in that area in-between, giving you just the right level of brightness as dictated by a given situation or desired mood. Use the power of light to create an air of romance, relaxation or welcoming energy. With the same set of lights, lighting controls can give you full brightness for a cocktail party one night, and then turn them down for glare-free TV viewing the next. Accessorize and modernize your lighting with this selection of light switches, dimming controls, wall plates and outlets.

Where Light Switch Dimmers Work Best

Every room of the home benefits from the stylish appearance of a contemporary light switch or dimmer. In living rooms, where a number of different activities can take place that require different lighting levels, light switch dimming controls are essential. They also work well in bedroom lighting systems (dining room lighting, too)—by lowering the light level to set an intimate, romantic mood. Wherever you need a little mood lighting, look to the help of a dimming switch. Simply having the option to control the output of your ceiling lights, recessed lighting or even portable lamps will make a very noticeable difference in any room. And you can't forget to pair your light switch or dimmer control with a matching wall plate and outlet. Available in a variety of materials, textures and color finishes, a good-looking wall plate and outlet complements your lighting and rounds out the overall design of your home.

Dimmer Switches for Every Style

Electrical outlets, switches and dimmer controls are not typically the first thing you think of when it comes to decorative lighting. However, the right selection of light switches and dimmers can blend in perfectly with your choice of lighting to create a well-rounded room. Look to the wide range of options from the Legrand Adorne collection to add to your kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and bedrooms. The complete collection includes outlet covers, nightlights, dimming controls, fan controls and more. For any room of the house, Legrand has you covered. Or find products from a trusted name in the lighting industry with Lutron. Lutron's wide assortment fits just about any room and almost any color scheme.

How to Choose the Best Dimmers, Switches & Outlets

Depending on the style and age of your house, you may have a few different options of light switch sizes and accessories to choose from. The design-friendly Adorne Collection from Legrand is offered in a number of sizes that will simply replace your existing switches (don't forget to choose the right size wall plate and outlet too). If you have an existing switch that accommodates multiple lighting controls or even a source of power, there are plenty of 2-gang, 3-gang and 4-gang options here to look through. Finally, in the bathroom, kitchen or other locations where water is bound to be present, be sure to check out the assortment of GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) switches and power outlets that can help prevent the occurrence of electrical shock. If you have any questions about the switches, dimmers, wall plates and outlets featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

In order to find a light dimmer compatible with your system, keep in mind that dimmers generally control fixtures with either incandescent/halogen or LED lamping. They are further specialized into standard line voltage or low voltage. Low voltage dimmers are especially useful in controlling low voltage flexible track lighting and recessed lighting, while LED dimmers are able to stably and smoothly dim the latest LED light fixtures. You can find certain types of dimmers and light switches to work with your outdoor lighting as well. Finally, for optimal kitchen task lighting, use dimmer controls with your under cabinet lights.

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