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Why We Love Desk & Task Lamps

Desk lamps and task lights are some of the most convenient lights to have around when you're working or studying. The designs are adjustable at multiple points and many have LED options, which is especially designed for bright directional task lighting to give you focused illumination in the office. Modern desk lights and task lamps are fashionable enough for the contemporary home yet professional for the office too. And desk and task lamps often have dimmers that help your eyes adjust to avoid eye strain.

Where Desk & Task Lamps Works Best

Unlike a traditional table lamp, task lamps offer a distinctly modern approach to portable lighting. With many more homes offering combo living and work spaces, it's great to have desk lamps that serve both a functional and a fashionable role. Improve your home office or workspace lighting with a few desk lights or consider showing off your contemporary fashion sense at the office away from home with a cutting edge task lamp. While desk lamps and task light fixtures may not be the focal point of a room, they have no problem making an elegant statement anywhere they are placed. This style of portable lamp is also a great companion when wanting to do some late night reading in bed as they feature smaller bases that take up very little space on a nightstand or side table. Whatever task you may have that needs the appropriate lighting, you are sure to find a lamp design here you will love.

A Desk Lamp for Every Style

While inherently modern, these desk lights find themselves fitting in with almost any interior aesthetic. From traditional homes with classic tiered chandeliers to ultra modern office spaces boasting with contemporary furniture pieces, a desk lamp has no problem fitting in. Artemide is a go-to choice for elegant task lighting and is responsible for iconic collections like the Tolomeo and the Tizio. Designed for Kartell, Ferruccio Laviani's Taj lamps are welcomed in any office area and they're even made available in metallic finishes including copper and gold (be sure to see the Precious collection). Angelpoise offers a well-rounded collection of familiar desk lamp shapes and look to Regina Andrew for a selection of transitional desk lamps. Finally, if you prefer energy efficiency in your lighting, be sure to check out the sleek LED desk lamps from Koncept. Not only are Koncept's lamps well-designed, they offer long-term energy savings you'll appreciate.

How to Choose the Best Desk Lamp

Your choice of desk or task lamp is dependent on your home's aesthetic and the size of the desk or table where you will place the lamp. To determine the best size lamp for your space, look to a fixture's height, width and length, keeping in mind that many of these lamps have far-reaching adjustable arms. Once you have an estimated size in mind, refine your options by colors, finishes and important design features like whether the fixture can be dimmed. Lastly, review the lumen output of the task lighting you are interested in to gauge just how bright it will be. Remember, in offices and reading areas, a brighter light source is usually the preferred choice. If you have any questions about the desk and task lamps featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Consider reading lamps or a swing arm floor lamp if desk space isn't an option for you. These types of floor lamps offer the same versatility and adjustable features without using any workspace at all. And if it is specifically a reading light you are in need of and do not have any floor or desk space available, your best option is a wall-mounted reading lamp. Finally, before you can introduce any new lamp to your home, you may need a new desk to place it on. Be sure to check out all of the office furniture available to complete the look and feel of your space.

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