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Why We Love Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Thanks to outdoor ceiling fans, there's no need to wait for nature to provide refreshing circulation in outdoor living areas. Outdoor fans have a cooling effect on even the most stifling and stagnant of days, effectively extending the amount of time you can comfortably spend outdoors. And, just like indoor ceiling fans, outdoor ceiling fans come in a wide range of styles. You can go understated and sleekly functional or jazz up an outdoor theme with styles ranging from ultra-contemporary to industrial/restoration to elegantly traditional.

Different Types of Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor ceiling fan blades and motors are designed with the elements in mind and can withstand a variety of conditions. When it comes to choosing the right outdoor fan for your application, it's important to understand the fan's UL Rating and the various iterations of outdoor fans available.

Damp rated outdoor fans: damp rated outdoor ceiling fans can be safely installed in any fully covered and protected outdoor location, notably covered porches (with outdoor hugger fans working best in covered porches that have low ceilings). Although rated for a damp location, you'll need to be careful with just how much water this type of fan is exposed to.

Wet rated outdoor fans: contrary to a damp rated fan, a completely wet rated ceiling fan can be exposed to any form of moisture, be it from weather or your garden hose. These fans are superbly versatile and can be installed just about anywhere.

Outdoor Fans with Lights: some outdoor-rated ceiling fans include integrated light kits that can be safely exposed to water. You'll need to be careful not to get the light source too wet, but this style of fan is an ideal choice for decks and patios where you plan to hang out long after the sun has set.

Large outdoor ceiling fans: in some cases, your outdoor living area will benefit the most from a ceiling fan with a large wingspan. These ceiling fans, typically ranging in diameter of 60" or more, can move a lot of air and are best suited for spacious decks and patios.

Low profile outdoor ceiling fans: outdoor living areas with a low clearance, usually 8-feet or lower, require a fan that can mount flush or semi-flush with the base of the ceiling. These outdoor fans have no trouble moving air and keeping your area cool, they simply hug the ceiling while doing so.

Tropical ceiling fans: the last type of outdoor ceiling fan for your consideration is a tropical fan. These paradise-like fans naturally belong in the outdoors where their large, palm-leaf blades can sweep air about. When combined with outdoor lounge furniture, you'll be able to recreate a vacation spot in your own backyard.

Where Outdoor Ceiling Fans Work Best

This assortment of exterior ceiling fans spans a wide variety of styles and sizes, giving you plenty of options to keep air flowing in any of your outdoor living areas. Large outdoor fans with a blade sweep of 60" or more are ideal for bigger patios and open spaces where you need to move a significant amount of air. Conversely, outdoor breakfast nooks and cozy patios will benefit from the size of a ceiling fan with a much smaller blade span. You may even want to place a fan on your front porch if you have the real estate. Not only will the ceiling fan keep the porch cool and comfortable, it will also speak to your design tastes before guests walk throught the front door. If you opt for a wet rated fan, keep in mind it is safe to use almost anywhere, including uncovered locations where it will be directly exposed to water. Keep any of these outdoor-friendly fans in mind for commercial locations too. Outdoor fans for a restaurant patios and lounges help create an additional element of comfort your guests will always appreciate.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Brands You'll Love

Choosing a ceiling fan for an outdoor location means it needs to be durable and resistant to the elements. Certain brands have mastered the design of outdoor ceiling fans, while also enhancing their functionality and aesthetic in the process. Emerson Fans, for example, introduces a number of outdoor-rated fans with energy-efficient DC motor technology. Meanwhile, Minka Aire's options with an integrated light kit ensure your space will be well-lit with energy-efficient LED lighting. Or find cutting edge technology and convenience with an outdoor ceiling fan by Fanimation. Fanimation's collection includes large fans with an expansive wingspan and contemporary works of art, as well as designs that can be controlled by your mobile phone. And for a noticeably modern look you can bring to your deck or patio, look to any of the options from the Modern Fan Company. From stainless steel and aluminum finishes to retro good looks, you'll be sure to love any of the Modern Fan Company's designs.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan

As with any ceiling fan, you'll want to start your search by looking at the fan's size and taking proper measurements of the area where you plan to install it. Understanding ceiling fan size is fundamental to choosing a fan and it is no different for an outdoor or patio fan. You will need to understand its blade sweep (diameter) to know that it will properly fit in your deck, patio or covered outdoor area. Next, choose the mounting style that is most appropriate for your space. Tall ceilings benefit from fans with downrod extensions, while low profile outdoor areas will need a hugger style ceiling fan. Remember to measure the height of the base of the ceiling to the ground to choose the best size and mounting style. Additionally, refine your choices by the finishes and colors that will blend in best with your existing outdoor decor. Take note of any landscape fixtures you have in place, as well as your choice of outdoor furniture. And finally, look to the fan's airflow efficiency metrics to make the most energy friendly fan choice. If you have any questions about the outdoor ceiling fans featured here, please call our fan experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Any of these fans can also be used indoors. However, if you especially like the outdoor look of these fans, you may also want to check out the collection of rustic ceiling fans. Rustic fans feature darker motor finishes and wood blades that make an impressive statement inside the house. And complement your new outdoor ceiling fan with similarly styled outdoor lighting. From path lights to elegant patio chandeliers and outdoor entry lights, the outdoor lighting category has it all. Lastly, if you plan to spend time outside relaxing, do so in style with well-chosen outdoor furniture pieces.

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