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Why We Love Medium & Large Pendant Lighting

Medium and large pendant lights give off just as much light as a chandelier, but in a streamlined fashion well-suited for contemporary lighting schemes. As opposed to the multiple arms and lamp shades on a chandelier, medium and large pendants group on or more light sources all under one shade. And, while simple of terms of their singularity, such shades offer infinite decorative possibilities. You can find a medium or large pendant lamp to complement any style of decor, with designs ranging from sleek metal drum pendant lights to shimmering art glass bowl pendants, and from crystalline cylinders to crisp cotton cubes.

A Medium or Large Pendant for Every Room & Application

The generous size and luxurious materials used to make this style of pendant lighting makes them ideal in places where you might ordinarily find traditional scale chandeliers, namely, in entryways, foyers, large kitchens and cooking areas, dining rooms and even in great rooms or living rooms.

In the entryway or foyer, replace the classic tiered chandelier with a modern and streamlined pendant. These hanging lights offer a noticeably glamorous look that begs for eye-catching looks from those visiting your home. In the living room, you may opt for a medium-sized multi-light pendant with protruding points of light. A pendant in the living room will complement any previously existing lighting you may have in the space, ranging from portable lamps to in-ceiling recessed fixtures. Kitchens and dining areas are the premier location for a large pendant, where its light output is used to successfully illuminate dining parties and aid you in any food prep, cooking or kitchen related tasks. You may even appreciate a large pendant in place of a traditional linear fixture over your kitchen island. Even the great outdoors will happily welcome a medium or large pendant to light up the night. Use any of the UL listed (wet or damp rated for safe use) outdoor hanging lights for covered decks and patios or make a grand statement on the front porch. Where there is available ceiling space, any of your rooms are sure to benefit from the decorative impact of one of these delicately-designed ceiling lights. And in commercial spaces, including modern business offices, restaurants and hotels, a well-designed pendant is equally welcomed.

A Medium or Large Pendant for Every Style

Whether you need a large ceiling light fixture to fit a transitional entryway or a couple of medium-sized suspensions for a modern dining room, you are guaranteed to find plenty of well-curated options in this assortment. Make a bold statement with any of the large hanging pendants in the collection from Tom Dixon. These British-designed pendant lights carry a wealth of contemporary character in bold brass and copper finishes that are sure to stand out. In a space fashioned after the decor of the 1950s, you will love the mid-century modern pendant lights from the George Nelson Bubble Lamp collection or any of the chic options by Jonathan Adler. These styles are noticeably reminiscent of the mid-century and carry a retro-inspiration you'll love for your living room or great room. Look to Niche Modern if a large glass pendant is what you're in the market for. You'll appreciate the attention to detail and be awe-inspired by the gorgeous glass work. Find luxury and elegance with a Swarovski-infused crystal fixture from Schonbek Lighting. Finally, to support energy efficiency in your home, choose any medium or large pendant using LED as its light source.

Go Large In Color With Your Pendant Lighting

A ceiling light of this size is meant to be gazed upon. It acts a statement piece and welcomes guests of your home into your creative and design-driven side. As such, you'll want to choose a pendant lamp that expresses your personal aesthetics and can speak to your colorful personality. These pendants are far-reaching when it comes to colors and finishes as the collection is comprised of beautiful blues, ruby reds, bold copper and brass shades, minimalistic black, white and gray tones, rustic finishes and just about everything in between. When choosing the right color for your home, first take a step back to assess the palette of your room. Is it marked with vibrant hues or does it trend more on the neutral side of the color spectrum? You may also consider how the transparent nature of a glass pendant light will translate and blend in with the rest of your home's decor. With so many shade colors in this assortment, there's no doubt you'll be able to find the perfect pendant.

How To Choose the Best Size Pendant Light

The majority of these pendants are offered in robust sizes that are meant for large, open spaces. Before choosing a new pendant for your space, begin your search by properly measuring the area where you plan to install new lighting. You'll want to be mindful of a light fixture's height, width, diameter, hanging length and weight. If it's a large pendant for the dining room or kitchen you're considering, you'll want to determine just how far the light can hang above the surface of your kitchen or dining table. Likewise, for open areas like the entryway, consider how just how far you want pendant to hang and where you will position it relative to the doorway. With dimensions in hand, refine your choices by the sizes that are best for your exact application. Be sure to thoroughly review the product's dimensions including height, width, cable suspension length and weight (extra support may be required for oversized, heavy fixtures). If you have any questions about the how to choose the right size medium or large pendant, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

You can find a similar amount of light output and lighting coverage with a linear chandelier. Often rectangular in shape, linear suspension lighting is ideal for hanging over dining tables, kitchen islands, pool tables and other long surfaces. The amount of light output offered by a linear fixture allows it to cover a significant amount of space. Conversely, you may want to achieve ample light coverage through multiple light sources and you can do so by hanging a cluster of mini pendant lights or using a couple of mini chandeliers. Although smaller than a pendant found in this collection, mini pendants and mini chandeliers are big in personality. And lastly, layer the amount of light in any given room by complementing your ceiling lighting with sconces or portable lamps.

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