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Why We Love Coat Racks & Umbrella Stands

Coat racks and umbrella stands are the necessary pieces of organizing decor that serve a superb functional purpose while also rounding out the look and feel of your rooms. From the kitchen to the entryway, these stylish accessories ensure spaces are well-kept at all times. And when you're ready to head out the door on a rainy day, simply grab your favorite umbrella to keep you covered from Mother Nature.

Where Coat Racks & Umbrella Holders Work Best

Entryways and foyers are the obvious homes for umbrella holders and coat racks, where they can be found existing to remind you to grab your umbrella or coat on the way out the door. But a modern coat rack or umbrella stand can find their place in other rooms too. Kitchens are a good spot for coat racks, especially an expert-designed wall-mounted coat rack. Along with well-chosen sconces, these coat racks help to add a bit of flair to otherwise uneventful walls. Umbrella stands work well in bedrooms and consider a standing coat stand placed in either corner of the room. Finally, for your home away from home, impress guests of your office with a contemporary coat rack and offer them an umbrella when it is rainy out.

Coat Racks & Umbrella Stands For Every Style

As a form of home storage and organizing, these accessories are designed to serve a fundamental role in your day-to-day life. While they won't stand out quite as much as a grand chandelier in the foyer, they will complement your existing choices of decor and bring your interior design full-circle. Standing coat racks from Blu Dot offer a contemporary accessory that will impress guests the second they walk in your front door. As an umbrella holder or just as a really cool item of decor, you'll want to check out the selection from the Italian Design Factory, Alessi. And if you want a decoration that will really draw attention to your bare walls, look to any of the racks available from Radius Design.

Choosing The Best Racks & Umbrella Holders

First, decide where you need a new coat rack or umbrella holder, as well as the number of items you need it to hold. Some umbrella holders can accommodate multiple umbrellas and you'll find coat racks can be mounted to the wall or left free-standing on their own. Whichever you need for your situation, you'll be certain to find it here. Choose colors and finishes that blend in best with your home's color palette or opt for colors that bring a splash of vibrant personality to the room. Lastly, if it's a wall-mounted rack that has caught your attention, be certain your walls can appropriately accommodate its width, height and weight. If you have any questions about the coat racks and umbrella stands featured here, please call our home decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

A good looking coat rack and helpful umbrella stands are just a couple of ways to keep your home neat and organized. You may also want to check out the assortment of magazine racks for loose papers and magazines in the living room, kitchen or home office. Consider modern wine racks to keep your favorite vino ready and waiting for your next dinner party. And for larger pieces of decor to keep you space organized, look to the storage furniture category. Modern storage furniture is comprised of TV and media cabinets, bedroom dressers, armoires, buffet tables, nightstands, filing cabinets and much more.

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