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Why We Love Fan Remotes

In today's technological age, you're used to completing nearly everything with the swipe of a finger or the push of a button. Ceiling fan remotes bring that high-tech touch to your home's ceiling fan. These practical fan controls allow you to operate your ceiling from with the push of a button, without ever having to get up from your comfortable spot on the couch. Wall-mounted fan remotes allow you to adjust your fan's settings from the wall, rather than climbing up to the fan to make any adjustments. Simply put, these fan controls make life easier and optimize the effectiveness of your ceiling fan, which makes them a must-have in your home.

Where Ceiling Fan Remotes & Controls Work Best

If you have a ceiling fan, you have a need for ceiling fan remotes. These controls make adjusting your ceiling fan easier than ever, whether you want to change its speed or turn it on or off. If you're relaxing on the sofa in the family room watching a movie, reach for handheld fan remotes to increase or decrease fan speed. Improve your control of your fan in the bedroom by adding a wall-mounted fan remote to your space. Wall controls allow you to adjust speed and change direction of the fan. Any room of your house with a fan is ready to become more functional with the addition of these fan controls.

A Ceiling Fan Remote for Every Style

There's no shortage of styles when you're shopping for ceiling fan remotes. Rather than being overwhelmed by the different options, evaluate the various brands to find the right fan controls for your needs. First, check out Legrand Adorne. These fan controls include on/off switches, as well as slide controls, allowing you to adjust the fan to four speeds. Minke Aire's handheld remotes rely on a wireless operation and multi-speed control. Some include a dimmer that can adjust brightness of light sources on fans. Finally, Hunter Fans wall controls allow you to adjust the fan's speed setting from the wall. The slide-style design is easy to operate.

How to Choose the Best Fan Controls

When shopping for fan controls, first consider what type of control you prefer. You can find handheld remotes, which are portable options that allow you to operate the fan from anywhere in the room. Alternatively, you might prefer a wall-mounted style, which offers several convenient controls mounted to the wall in lieu of a traditional light switch. Once you've settled on your style, think about the features you desire. In addition to turning the fan on and off, you can also adjust its speed and even reverse its direction from the controls. When you're shopping, be sure to ensure the fan control you select is compatible with your fan brand. If you have any questions about the ceiling fan remotes featured here, please call our fan experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Remote controls for ceiling fans are a smart way to make your functional fan even more useful. Another way to customize your fan is to invest in ceiling fan downrods. These downrods allow you to adjust the height of the fan, customizing it to your space. They come in many finish options for easy coordination with your existing fans. Fansync by Fanimation adds a high-tech touch to your ceiling fan. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows you to adjust the lighting and speed of your fan with ease. Finally, while you're checking out ceiling fan accessories, consider upgrading your ceiling fan as well. Large ceiling fans are ideal for spacious rooms and high ceilings, adding cool, circulating air to any space.

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